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Analysis of Application Technology of Packaging
Oct 12, 2017

Robot technology has changed the maintenance needs of the packaging industry. Universal safety solutions are no longer suitable for next-generation packaging machines. Various devices should consider safety controls, safety light curtains and safety laser scanners to ensure that robotic technology is completely safe and reduces product damage.

With the large and flexible development of the robot system, the robot and the production line more and more close, so strengthen the safeguard measures, and the operator is better communication is necessary.

In the past, maintenance programs in the packaging industry generally followed the logic of "IfX, thenY". Simple safety modules and preventive monitoring controllers meet most packaging operation requirements. By introducing flexible robotic technology, robots can use multiple lines and responsibilities to perform multiple tasks, and security measures become more complex.

Security Controllers: A robot requires multiple safeguards to play a role in multiple areas such as emergency stop buttons, light curtains and safety switches. In addition, these different functions need to be able to work with another independent and joint operation.

The security controller provides an integrated approach that reduces the operational risk of managing multiple safety devices. Dongguan City Robot Technology Association vice president Luo Baihui, for example, if a machine with emergency stop button, hands control, safety light curtain and interlock safety switch, then the security controller can only use a variety of security modules or safety PLCs cost A small part to manage all operations. The security controller can also provide multiple safety-related functions such as mute or bypass the safety light curtain, external device monitoring (EDM), monitor manual reset functions and logic functions to create different areas and conditional logic.

Visual Status Indication: As robots and humans are working more closely, it is imperative for each operator to know the state of maintenance. Visual security status indication is a fast growing trend. The emergency stop button, the interlock and the safety cord are all increased for communication, drive and stop conditions.

Illumination emergency stop button: You can use yellow to indicate that the machine is on or in red to indicate that the stop condition has been activated. The status indication not only protects the worker, but also confirms the problem very well on the packaging line - especially when connecting a series of buttons. The visual status indication allows the operator to know which button is pressed to quickly determine where the problem is, so that the worker can quickly resolve the problem and make the production line run again.

Optical protection technology: When the robot further integrated into the upper packaging production line, it can increase the possibility of robot work side by side with humans. In order to allow workers not to introduce clumsy physical protection barrier, optical protection technology is the best solution for robot packaging applications.

Safety light curtains: When the robot performs multiple tasks or supports multiple production lines, it presents the different entry points of the robot unit. For example, a palletizing robot unit enters at the new pallet and the vane and exits at the pod. The safety light curtain can effectively maintain multiple access points with minimal damage. By selectively mute safety light curtains, pallets and products are free to flow into and out of the unit, while also protecting workers from dangerous areas.

Safety Laser Scanner: The safety laser scanner uses a pulsed laser to scan the surroundings and then compares the scanned information with a predefined area. If the scanner detects that an object has entered the robot's work area, such as a person can send a stop signal to the protection machine.

Regional laser scanners are versatile, noninvasive safeguards. Unlike other hard security equipment, fences or safety cushions, laser scanners work without physical barriers. Secure laser scanning is also an ideal solution for secure light curtains that can not effectively cover niche packaging applications.

Straight-type rating equipment: When the machine enters the processing and primary packaging areas, they are able to contact food, pharmaceutical and other conventional straight-through materials. These robots require IP67 and IP69K rated protection devices to be protected. Straight-through safety light curtains, emergency stop and interlocking devices are becoming increasingly popular in the packaging industry.

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