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Analysis of the pollution of the film after printing
Feb 01, 2018

Film pollution is divided into three stages of coating process pollution, product pollution and waste pollution.


Process pollution

At present, most of the laminating equipment used in China is domestic equipment. Most of the semi-automatic following products are mostly oily laminates. There are many artificial workers, and the distance between personnel and membrane is close. However, the low price of this kind of equipment is more suitable for the current labor force Used by regional manufacturers.


Oil-based plastic film and its thinner contains a lot of benzene, alcohols and other chemical thinner, its smell, with strong volatility and toxicity, has caused many people in the industry health damage, the labor dispute between the two sides as a result From time to time, the newspapers reported that they were extremely flammable due to their chemical characteristics. In the event of a flammable light or flammable light flare, it is a great potential fire hazard in the factory's production.


The combination of these two conditions, that is, semi-automatic mechanical plus close man-made operation, so that the operator of the owner dizziness, headache, skin irritation and other discomfort, excellent physical and easy allergy also feel poor breathing, fatigue, severe skin erosion, Minimal neuritis cause muscle atrophy, and even life-threatening.


Printing companies can not only consider the issue of cost, we must consider social benefits, personnel health and other aspects, to take the necessary measures to avoid such pollution or reduce such pollution. Factory managers are all aware that film mills are generally reluctant to do or do not work long hours, even in the face of over-labor, wage-earners and wage earners.


There are also some factories which use the method of frequent substitutions or change-of-rotation, and even adopt the method of recruiting new workers into the factory for several months to work on the polishing machine to solve the problem of poisonous and harmful substances on personnel, but this is not the fundamental solution to the problem method.


Product contamination

Benzene, alcohol is a strong volatile material, most of the volatiles volatilized during the filming process and shortly after forming the product, but still a small part of the residue in the product, with the storage conditions and storage The longer the time and slowly volatilize.


Modern industrial products, high-speed, efficient production, making the residue along with the goods quickly passed to the hands of consumers, the smell and toxicity of these residues are to some extent, pollute the environment in which consumers live and undermine consumer health. In the whole world are concerned about the products of environmental protection, pollution-free, non-polluting today, the status quo have to be changed.


Waste pollution

As we all know, paper products can be recycled, and paper products treated by paper mills generally can not be recycled directly, need to be manually separated before processing. If discarded directly will cause a new type of white pollution. Due to the current large number of domestic waste paper recycling, there is no existing or serious problems of waste paper coated paper products pollution, but the potential existence of this factor does not disappear.

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