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Box mounted paper go problem solution
Jan 31, 2018

Folding Biaozhi paper will cause surface sticky flowers, dirt and die-go and other issues, but also one of the most difficult to control the issue of Biao paper.


(1) The speed of the machine can not be set too fast when the color-mounted face paper is thin and curled. Loading paper and corrugated board, the relative position of their left and right to be aligned, so as to avoid the deviation of the positioning of the paper, resulting in horizontal laminating are not allowed. If there is no alignment of the upper and lower chain travels of the machine, there is a deviation between the front and rear positions; the paper stop limiter of the stacking platform does not abut against the paper edge to make the paper pile move to the left and right, and the curled paper board Flat and did not take the cardboard neatly, etc., can also cause confusion of tissues and corrugated cardboard placement error.


(2) The machine to feed and positioning agencies to adjust or improper maintenance, but also easily lead to paper and corrugated cardboard mounting errors ills.


a, paper feeding mechanism loosening, so that the work of the upper / lower chain inconsistent or unstable;


b, the upper / lower chain of the rules appear loosening, the paper when the paper side of the impact phenomenon;


c, the pressure on the opposite side of the paper strip contact position is not suitable for the gap or too large, did not play a role in slowing the inertia momentum of high-speed cardboard movement;


d, the upper / lower roller does not always clean the accumulation of a certain amount of glue, blocking the surface of the corrugated paper or corrugated cardboard rolling.


(3) the machine up / down the gap between the roll gap and misfeeding caused cardboard mounting error


When the upper and lower roller gap discomfort, after mounting the corrugated board through the upper and lower roller, so that the face paper and corrugated paper between the shift.


If the paper is not normal delivery of empty sheets or skew phenomenon, are likely to cause foaming, degumming (conveyor on the length of the gap between the cardboard, paper pressure caused by uneven) and posted not allow quality problems.

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