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Can plastic bottles be replaced by wine bottles?
Oct 23, 2017

Can plastic bottles be replaced by wine bottles?


PET bottles have a very strong drop resistance, the weight is also very light, 0.7-liter capacity of PET bottles weighing only 50 grams, is the same capacity glass bottle one-tenth of the weight. But also has a good recovery, production, transportation and storage costs. Its plastic packaging design is also strong.


Plastic bottles are gradually accepted by the wine industry?



Now, a lot of wine has begun to use PET plastic bottles for high-grade wine packaging. Such as the Spanish BodegaMatarromera wine estate to try to use plastic bottles for high-quality wine packaging, South Africa Welmoed wine estate also gradually use plastic bottles to replace the traditional 750 ml glass bottles. British supermarket giant Marks & Spencer has also sold 0.25 liters of plastic bottled red wine since 2010. Even the airlines, but also more willing to use plastic bottles of wine for passenger services!


However, some people in the industry are not optimistic about the use of plastic bottles for alcohol packaging, that "plastic bottles there is a high UV radiation and oxygen migration, will affect the quality of alcoholic beverages, from the shelf life of alcohol shelves.


According to a survey conducted by research firm Geisenheim, modern processing techniques can improve the internal airtightness of plastic bottles and reduce the impact of the use of plastic bottles on wine. In addition, the air tightness of the plastic cap better, you can open the bottle again sealed, which can extend the shelf shelf life.

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