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Cardboard printing die cutting machine common fault solution
Feb 07, 2018

Case one, die cutting indentation produce "explosive line" and "dark line"

The main reason: die-cutting indentation pressure is too large, exceeding the limit of paper fiber, leading to the paper fiber is broken or partially broken, this case is called "explosion line." Dark line refers to the die-cutting and indentation line selection is not appropriate, die-cutting pressure adjustment is not properly caused by the poor quality of the paper.

Solution: Select the appropriate die version, adjust the appropriate pressure. The better way is to reduce the height of the creased steel line.


Second, die-cutting fluffy, dust

The main reason: die-cutting pressure, the die-cutting version of the tape, indentation of the paper produced a tensile force on the paper, the paper is not completely cut through the tension generated by the pull off, the resulting flash.

Solution: Choose a different knife according to the paper. In order to avoid die-cutting fluff, straight knife better than horizontal knives.


Third, the die-cutting accuracy is not high

The main reason: die cutting is not high because of die version of the problem, there are printed matter problems. If it is a hand-made die-cutting version then the die-cutting error is relatively large. Die cutting indentation and the printing process of different operating environment will cause the paper deformation, so that die cutting indentation inaccurate.

Solution: Select the cash die-plate technology, referred to the accuracy of die-cutting version. Try to ensure die cutting indentation and printing process in the same environment. To avoid die cutting caused by different environments are not allowed.

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