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Carton carton types, design analysis
Jan 12, 2018


Paper products packaging, packaging is the largest amount of industrial products in the species. Carton is the most important form of transport packaging, and cartons are widely used for food, medicine, electronics and other product sales packaging. With the change of transportation mode and the change of sales mode, the styles of cartons and cartons are diversified. Almost every new type of non-standard carton comes with a set of automation equipment. The novel carton itself also becomes The means of product promotion.


Carton, carton classification


Cartons and cartons of a wide range of different types, there are many ways to categorize.


Carton classification


The most common classification is based on corrugated corrugated cardboard to distinguish. Corrugated corrugated board is divided into four categories: A Leng, B Leng, C Leng and E Leng.


In general, the cartons used for packaging are mainly A, B, C corrugated cardboard; the packaging is B, E flute; small packaging is more use of E-corrugated cardboard.


In the production and manufacture of corrugated boxes, boxes generally according to the box to distinguish.


The box-type structure of corrugated boxes is universally adopted by the European Association of Corrugated Cartons (FEFCO) and the Swiss Association of Paperboard (ASSCO) jointly developed an international carton-based standard. This standard by the International Association of Corrugated Board approved in the international common.


In accordance with the international standard carton box, carton structure can be divided into two types of basic and combined type.


The basic type that is the basic box type, there are illustrations in the standard can be found, usually with four digits, the first two said box type, the latter two said the same box type different carton style. For example: 02 for slotted carton; 03 for nested carton and so on. The combined type is the basic type of combination, that consists of more than two basic box-type composition, with more than four four-digit number or code to represent. For example, a cardboard box on the shaking cover can be used 0204 type, the next shake cover with 0215 type.


China's national standard GB6543-86 reference to international box-type standard series of transport packaging with single corrugated boxes and double corrugated boxes of the basic box, the box code as follows.


However, in the late 1980s, with the changes in distribution channels and market sales patterns, a number of non-standard corrugated boxes with novel structures emerged and almost all of them were accompanied by the birth of each new structure With the advent of fully automatic packaging systems or packaging equipment, has greatly enriched the carton application market.


These new non-standard cartons mainly include wrapping cartons, separate cartons, triangular column cartons and large cardboard boxes.



Classification of cartons


Compared with the carton, carton style more complex and diverse. Although it is possible to classify materials according to purpose and purpose of use, the most common method is to distinguish them according to the way cartons are processed. Generally divided into folding cartons and paste cartons.


Folding carton is the most widely used, the most structural changes in a sales package, generally divided into tubular folding cartons, disc folding cartons, tube tray folding cartons, non-tube non-tray folding cartons and so on.


Paste cartons and folding cartons, according to molding methods can be divided into tube, plate and tube are also three types of disc.


In each type of carton, it is possible to subdivide a large number of subcategories according to the local structure, and to add some functional structures such as combination, window opening, adding a handle, and the like

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