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Carton computer control screwdriver crosscutting machine technical characteristics
Dec 21, 2017

Computer-controlled spiral knife cross-cutting machine is the latest technology, the technical support for cross-cutting machine design using low moment of inertia cutter design, knife shaft is smaller, the control coefficient of difficulty is relatively low, smaller power, you can achieve higher Production speed requirements, more than 150 meters per minute production line must be equipped with computer-controlled spiral knife cross-cutting machine. This model is currently the symbol of the major equipment manufacturers compete for technical content, but also because of this and the role of publicity and guidance, many should not be equipped with such equipment carton business configuration such equipment, but due to the aforementioned problems, As a result, the current overall cost of such equipment is relatively high, making maintenance difficult.


According to the different speed control system, the computer knife is divided into DC speed control system and AC servo speed control system. Compared with the mechanical knife has the following advantages:


1, the computer knife as a result of a separate control cross cutter, cardboard length by a predetermined algorithm to adjust the cross cutter speed to implement, so there is no mechanical adjustment for a single, thereby reducing waste and increase productivity.


2, the mechanical structure of the computer knife is much simpler than the structure of the mechanical knife, the cardboard accuracy is not achieved by mechanical precision, there is no mechanical wear and tear and other issues with the gear box. The precision of the cardboard of the computer knife is mainly determined by the resolution of the electrical components such as the detection wheel (rotary encoder) and the speed regulation system (direct current, alternating current servo) and the control algorithm. The accuracy of the accuracy of the computer knife is much more reliable than that of the mechanical knife. Knife of the cardboard accuracy generally within +/- 1 ~ 2MM.


3, the test wheel slippage can also lead to poor accuracy of the length of the cardboard, but the test wheel slippage and double-sided machine belt slip is lighter and easier to eliminate.

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