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Carton mechanical equipment semi-automatic sticky box machine structural characteristics
Dec 27, 2017

Semi-automatic box gluing machine is the last process of making carton carton machinery and equipment, mainly for single-chip corrugated board forming adhesive to meet the variety, small batch production requirements, to adapt to food, cotton and other export packaging needs, is currently The ideal carton equipment. The machine has the advantages of high production efficiency, low labor intensity, easy operation, stable performance and reliable operation. It is an essential equipment in the packaging carton industry.




1, after the automatic counting, do a good number of finished sheets (1-99 sheets) can be set to the number of points delivered to the end of the conveyor to facilitate the binding.

2, fan drying function to speed up the carton bonding, reduce the production of bad products. Carton machinery

3, semi-finished products bonded to the finished product placed neatly only two operations, simple and convenient operation, reduce salary.

4, the middle beat function, effectively prevent the phenomenon of scissors and fork appear in the carton.

5, the carton packaging machinery output of 10,000 hours 8 hours or so.


Semi-automatic sticky box machine from the structural distinction can be divided into the following forms:


1, folding Sheng semi-automatic stick box machine


This is a small, box-shaped carton made of folded and glued paperboard that is easy to transport and stock and economical.


heaven and earth cover tray carton tray: This is made of two sheets of paper, respectively, two plates: cover and tray two parts. This structure has been used since ancient times, it is suitable for all the goods.


shake-off cartons cartons: This is made of a piece of paper. Tray and lid structure connected together. Suitable for bulk biscuits, candies, souvenirs and other packaging.


2, assembled semi-automatic sticky box machine


This is not paste the carton box according to its structure can be divided into two forms: double-layer carton cartons and cartons carton lock.


Double-decked cartons The carton is made of double-walled, four-sided panels, which are then snapped together to secure the panels without the need for a bunched carton. According to this structure, the siding can be developed into a siding with a thickness. This carton-cast die carton is generally suitable for holding heavier food pastries, gifts, etc., due to the reinforcement of the walls together with the fenestrated or transparent lid.

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