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Carton moisture-proof paint water repellent in the use of the carton
Dec 19, 2017

In all kinds of product packaging, the largest share of the carton. For example: cartons, cartons, paper bags, paper drums, honeycomb cardboard, etc., are widely used, easy recycling recycling, in line with the environmental requirements of the advantages of being regarded as green packaging, much people's favor. This paper focuses on the moisture-proof coating of carton packaging - water repellent to make an introduction to promote the moisture-proof products in the field of cartons widely used to make the moisture-proof effect of the box better, lower cost and more significant economic benefits.


Advent of water repellent


The 90s of last century, is the fastest growing period of China's carton. However, at the same time, enterprises are faced with the demand of clients to put forward the moisture-proof performance of the carton, because there is no better solution for a while. So I had to use the traditional tung oil, Vanin water, water glass, etc. brushing, although it can achieve a certain moisture-proof purpose, but not fully comply with environmental requirements. Even some carton manufacturers to meet customer requirements for export moisture-proof packaging, had to spend high foreign exchange requirements imported from abroad is both in line with safety and health, but also in line with environmental requirements of the carton moisture-proof coating to solve this problem. Faced with this situation, the domestic cardboard box industry sincerely hope that our scientific research institutes will soon develop a quality and cheap, but also in line with the requirements of safety and health and environmental protection of cardboard moisture-proof coating. New carton moisture-proof coating water repellent agent developed in Chengdu in 1992, since its release on the market has been favored by the cartons manufacturers and praise.


The advantages of water repellent


low cost. The water repellent is super-concentrated


Paint, buy 1 ton plus 15 tons of tap water can be diluted. Not only greatly reduce the transportation costs, but also increase the surface of the cartons per square meter only 1 to a few cents (due to paper differences, consumption varies, the cost is also different).


easy to operate. Can be simultaneously carried out in corrugated cardboard automatic production line, the cardboard in the composite before the water repellent with the conveyor belt automatically coated on the cardboard surface, the composite process immediately after entering the automatic drying zone to dry, to complete the moisture-proof treatment, and Post-process printing no effect. At the same time, the surface of the corrugated board after coating has the same color and strength.


Moisture effect is good. After the water repellent agent is coated, the formed carton will not be deformed by dampness, but also greatly enhances the compressive strength, puncture power and storage time of the carton (the moisture content of the paperboard increases by 1% and the compressive strength decreases 3%), and the performance is stable.


moisture characteristics are significant. After using the water repellent, the surface of the paper product does not adhere to the water, and the liquidity is good. The surface of the paper box is smooth, the pH value is neutral, and the water stays on the surface for about 3 hours without infiltration. As the water repellent agent is non-toxic, tasteless, non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-explosive, harmless to human beings, safe and hygienic, does not pollute the environment, Proves that the product can be comparable with similar foreign products, is to replace imported moisture agent and the traditional tung oil, Where Ning water, water glass and other harmful solvents ideal moisture-proof coating.


easy to store. In the storage state can not afford any quality changes, suitable for storage above 0 , the normal shelf life of up to 2 years.

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