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Corrugated cardboard before making flexo printing tips
Jan 10, 2018

1, the original design should pay attention to the accurate use of color.

Flexographic printing for corrugated packaging design, the use of color, we must first create a variety of or elegant, or bold, or warm, or have a strong visual impact of the work; Second, as much as possible to reduce the number of colors, Reduce the number of overprints. Overprinting times, the more compressive strength of corrugated board is declining.


2, pay attention to the level of application.

Packaging design style, and some pursuit of simple and neat, and some pursuit of rich level. Due to the flexibility of the flexible version of the body with high flexibility and deformation, so after the pressure network to expand more serious. During the plate making process, 1% or 2% of the small dots are easily lost when the plate is washed. In the printing process, 3% of the dots tend to expand to about 10%, and it is impossible to achieve a very gentle gradient or gradient from 0 to 100% Effect. Therefore, flexo products can show the highlights and shades of the level of the area is relatively small, better printed product highlight can only reproduce 8% to 10% of the outlets.


In the image design, the lines, text, color block is best to use vector software to process the image or make some special effects, available in Photoshop and other pixel forms of software.

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