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Design Art Talk about the design concept of book binding
Nov 30, 2017

Only those who love life, good at observing life, good at creative thinking, good at association, optimism and romance may transform inspiration into moving works


Works are not lying, every editorial mind, every shake may be infinitely magnified in the work, "loss of honesty" will be exposed


Many excellent works in the design of frames draw on the implication of Chinese painting "Impermanence"


Frame design is an important part of the book publishing, is the designer's artistic intuition and rational pursuit of harmony and unity, and strive to make readers feel the beauty of the publication. Creation requires accumulation, spirituality, and responsibility. Only when these three elements are available can the creation be carried out.


Before you start designing, you have to think about three questions about book editing: Who does this book look for? What is the general aesthetic of this type of reader? Want to change by design or what to strengthen? With such thinking to do the design, the sense of mission will guide the book editors in the creation of practice to reflect the true self, rather than keen to show off the material, technical, formal skills. The United States is the ultimate pursuit of design, then, how the book editor in the design of the performance of the United States it?


The performance of artistic conception


What is mood? Zong Baihua said: "The artist, with his mind mapping Vientiane, represents the mountains and rivers ... achievements of a hawk flying diving, lively and exquisite, deep and deep spiritual environment, which is the spiritual environment that makes art become art." Can be said The aesthetic factor of artistic conception runs through the whole process of the development of Chinese art from ancient to present and permeates into almost all fields of art.


The artistic conception, including the design of books and frames, can be said to be an important measure of the value of a work. Can feel and show artistic conception, and designers are closely related to personal accomplishment. Only by throwing down utilitarian heart, remove impetuous, indifferent, in order to achieve the spiritual and artistic conception of God. Designers and then by means of art and aesthetic rules of scrutiny, pondering, trade-offs, inductive, refined, to allow the beauty of the artistic conception of the United States presented to the reader naturally.


The performance of inspirational beauty


Inspiration is the multiple consciousness accumulated in the mind, the essence condensed through the discovery, the observation, the thinking, the association, the excitement highlighted by the excitement of certain things, and the sublimation and leap of a creative thought.


Inspiration comes when the extreme excitement, designers tend to be crazy, he should seize this fleeting treasure of the Elves, before its disappear in an instant with the soul of the camera took its phantom, spread to the heart, Up to meaning. It is not the equivalent product of contemplative meditation, but a sudden flash of light.


Although inspiration is hard to capture, its patronage is also followed. Only those who love life, good at observing life, good at creative thinking, good at association, optimism and romance may turn inspiration into moving works.


I also have some experience of inspiring work due to the flash of inspiration. For example, the cover art of "Everybody's Biography" (a lesser-known academic tour of 21 Chinese contemporary musicologists) is very difficult to deal with by 21 people at the same time. The author got the inspiration from the SQUARE stamps and wavy lines, designed a photo of 21 persons in the "21 stamps" without holes in the monochromatic colors, and the seven columns are in a wavy line, the starting point and the end point are all in the same horizontal line on. The final cover effect is orderly and elegant, 21 musicians are put it down.


Sincerity is beauty


The main purpose of design aesthetics is not to give people a bunch of abstract concepts of knowledge, but to guide people to participate in the actual aesthetic experience and experience the endless rhythm of life in the universe. And this restored simple aesthetic life is a beautiful state we are struggling to pursue. Book editor must come up with all the sincerity of each piece of design work. Works are not lying, every editorial mind, every shake may be infinitely magnified in the work, "loss of honesty" will be exposed.


In general, the designer's aesthetic taste may not be consistent with the reader's aesthetic taste. But readers are real appraisers. If he sees the cover of your design and the poster feels uncomfortable, he will never give a second glance, and your work is elegant and useless. Designers who come from undergraduate backgrounds tend to be idealized in their designs because of exposure to so-called elegant culture. However, the market is complex and ever-changing. Both the store and the e-commerce business culture as well as the reader's consumer culture are tentatively referred to as "popular culture." Designers in the design process must consider the "vulgar culture" factor, and use the laws of beauty to improve it, affect it.


"Popular" to vulgar rules, thinking, style. Good works should make "vulgar" who do not exclude, but also to "Daya" people feel decent set. Want to achieve the "refined taste" of the realm of the designer must cherish a heart of compassion, sincere heart, open broad minded, inclusive of all kinds of different voices, by clever ideas to resolve seemingly opposed to the contradictions of the factors to create a A new harmony of beauty, at the same time to assume the social responsibility of leading most people's aesthetic ideas.


"Empty" is the United States


The "virtual" and "real" represent the Chinese cosmology and world outlook, fundamentally reflecting the aesthetic conception of Chinese art.


Only by paying attention to the void of artistic conception can we produce the beauty of agility and enrich the appreciator's aesthetic imagination so as to create the ethereal beauty of the artistic environment. The actual situation, whether from the author or from the perspective of the viewer, are the basic aesthetic principles of artistic conception.


Chinese paintings common so-called blank, wonderful in the "empty", making the imaginary place higher than the real wonderful, such as the mirror flowers, moon in the water than the direct description of objects in the object space more attractive things. The actual situation, in order to real virtual, to virtual reality. Mountain water may be just a twists and turns, only to outline a few small fish, a few rocks, a few flowers in order to turn this "void" into "real space", "empty" has relied on, with value.


Many outstanding works in the design of the frame draw on the implication of the Chinese painting "Impermanence" "sparse but horse race". For example, Mr. Tsai Chih-chung's Trail for Zen Buddhism is characterized by a thin and low-key title, with a slight emphasis on the upper right corner of the cover. The main image is the Red Dharma founder who meditates on the lower left corner of the screen. The word "Zen" Last pen out of paintings such as stretches of streams flowing to Dharma side. The whole cover a large area of blank, but there are thousands of Meteorological sense! Open the inside pages, typesetting layout density properly, thick ink and white echo, virtual and real their own, a living dragon-like atmosphere of the line throughout the book, making a paper print has a fresh life. Blank is a modest, a give, embodies an alternative thick.


The design of the frame is an art which emphasizes the law and the form. The works embody the mode of thinking and cultural accomplishment of the creators. Only with profound cultural background can the artwork be designed on the basis of the "spiritual realization" of the arts. "Fine octogenarian, wandering around" is every designer who are eager to achieve the realm.

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