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Flexographic printing of corrugated boxes on the original design requirements
Jan 10, 2018

The original is the basis of printing, for the use of flexographic printing of corrugated boxes, the original design of the following requirements.

(1) In the printing process, due to the fact that the amount of ink and pressure required for large areas of the field and small letters, fine lines, outlets and other details are not the same, do not put them on the same plate even though they are the same color. Should be separately plate printing.

(2) full-page printing on corrugated boxes, in addition to the pressure roller on the corrugated board has oppression, the ink on the paper there are infiltration, which makes the corrugated box to reduce the compressive strength, it should avoid full-page printing .

(3) Should not be the two shapes, the same size of the color overlay, in order to avoid overprints are not allowed, should be a large area of the local color on the local overlay text, patterns or small color.

(4) to avoid the design along the printing plate cylinder wide and long bars and the ground, it will cause machine vibration; also to avoid the corrugated cardboard corrugated direction the same strip pattern, or the printing pressure will be crushed corrugated , Resulting in a broken carton.

(5) A larger circular pattern should be avoided when designing the layout, otherwise the printed pattern becomes oval due to the elongation of the flexographic plate in the circumferential direction.

(6) for the negative text, especially small text, to be conscious of the stroke bold, to avoid printing due to ink spreading and thinning strokes or even die.

(7) In general, texts smaller than 2cm2 can not be seen at distances of less than 5cm. For printing on corrugated cardboard, the meanings of promotional materials and promotional products are lost. Therefore, the design should avoid using too small text.

(8) to avoid the exact match exactly. Two-color overprint parts generally need to do 0.1 ~ 0.2mm trapping treatment, so as to avoid overprinting poorly.

(9) try to reduce the number of overprints, generally should be below 3 colors. The more overprinting times, the worse the compressive strength of corrugated boxes. Practice has proved that monochrome printing, corrugated boxes reduce the compressive strength of 6% to 12%, and after three-color printing, the compressive strength of corrugated boxes will be reduced by 17% to 20%.

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