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Green packaging development is the trend of the times
Nov 03, 2017

With the continuous growth of China's plastic machinery industry, through the plastic industry coverage and huge output to achieve the plastic machinery industry for sustainable development and scientific development can make a series of important contributions to reflect the green development of the industry's overall planning and development trend .


In recent years, injection molding machine manufacturers in industrialized countries in the world are constantly improving the functions and quality of ordinary injection molding machines, the supporting capacity of auxiliary equipment, and the level of automation. At the same time vigorously develop and develop large-scale injection molding machines, special injection molding machines, reaction injection molding machines and precision injection molding machines to meet the production of plastic alloy, magnetic plastic, with inserts and digital disc products needs.


With the steady and healthy development of China's economy as a whole, China's plastic machinery industry achieved a leapfrog development through the fifteen-year plan. The industrial scale has been expanded. For eight consecutive years, the major economic indicators have been increasing year by year. The growth rate and the major economic indicators set by it have been widely used in the machinery industry Jurisdiction over 194 industries, among the best.


At the same time, strengthening the concept of industrial chain, the plastic machinery to the upstream petrochemical industry, the downstream processing industry extension, the plastic machinery as an important part of the new material industry chain, and thus the country's major needs and equipment manufacturing industry revitalization closely integrated, Get rid of the relative disadvantage of plastic machinery industry.


In addition, if the country can use the same plastic machinery as the machine tool as the basic machinery of industry (plastic machining of macromolecule materials, machining of metal materials), as an important part of the national equipment industry, to give advanced plastic machinery like CNC machine tools Special support and preferential policies to promote the plastic machinery industry to play a more obvious leverage for the development of China's equipment industry to make greater contribution.


The development of plastics machinery industry should be based on China's national conditions and the existing industries based on the actual, strengthen the link is to plastic machinery and manufacturing high-end related to the development of high-efficiency industries, and the impact of the national economy and important industries and people's lives are closely related Related to the specific needs of plastic machinery in the manufacturing industry highlights the status of a mother machine.

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