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How to design packaging color box color box?
Dec 08, 2017

The main product packaging is divided into shipping and packaging for sale two categories. Sold packages are packages that meet directly with the consumer and are used. In addition to using the function, there should be a strong artistic, its appearance and planning to be consistent with the scientific, beautiful, marketable needs. In the description of both planning to consider the scientific and reasonable doubt, but also to consider the appearance, the beauty of the decoration. Excellent packaging appearance, planning description, not only to accommodate and maintain the goods, beautify the goods, promote the sale of goods, but also should be easy to bring, use, exhibition and easy to transport.


When describing, the first should meet the needs of its overall description, and secondly, it should coordinate the planning description, appearance description and decoration description of the contact, that is to describe the planning based on the characteristics of the packaged goods, environmental factors and user needs. Reasonable description of the carton lid, box bottom, adhesive placket, dust placket and other components. It is necessary to meet the overall description of the principle, but also with the appearance and decorative description of the need to reconcile; appearance and decorative description, should start from the aesthetic point of view, focusing on the packaging of the flashy. In addition, the standard and intensity description is also an important part of carton carton description, it not only affects the appearance of the quality of goods, but also linked to the production and circulation of capital.


Planning description


Appearance and planning description is an important part of the product packaging. Packaging Planning Description is set sail from the packaging and production internship conditions, based on scientific principles of the packaging outline and internal description of the annex. Described from time to time to ensure that there are plans to meet the strength, hardness and to withstand the talent of other environments, to be considered from two points, one is to maintain the primary function of goods, and second, to meet the important features of modern packaging, such as shipping, processing characteristics.


Qualified carton merchandise, from the initial description of the correct plan. Personnel not only need to truly understand the purpose of the client, but also know the back-line processing skills, only this talent to the client's purpose into qualified products, and to ensure the smooth processing of goods after the order. Describing personnel should first understand the nature, shape, standard and weight of the contents before describing the contents; the method of placing contents, the delivery method, the stacking method; the storage environment, the transportation route and hour, the carton box, and the manufacturing materials.


When you have decided on a variety of information, but also know what they need to describe the focus on the carton is still a cardboard box for sale. Sold-to-cart boxes fall into the category of commercial packaging with a focus on the look and feel of cartons and the need to consider print skills when portraying them. Shipping cartons are attributed to the scope of industrial packaging, more need to consider the compression of cartons, shockproof and other needs, to ensure that does not affect its strength under the premise of describing the opening, cutting orientation. Because of its repeated use of more, but also need to take into account the packing power, and the factory production power. When you determine the need to describe the carton box type, you can initially describe the work, the description of the time it is necessary to pay attention to the following questions.


Intensity doubt: The description of the flute type is the primary content of the intensity description. The corrugated paperboard has single corrugated and multi-layered corrugated points. There are several flute types of A, B, and C in each layer, which can be arranged according to the pre-descriptions. Export carton in the description of box type, taking into account the transport of the climate and delivery conditions. As a bulky product packaging, corrugated boxes should be as simple as possible when portraying them. They are easy to handle and avoid die-cutting. To avoid over-cutting, the overall function of the carton is reduced and the skills are too messy. Together, but also consider packing lunch, and some also need to consider the mechanical packing and other elements. According to the local transport, handling, can be larger in the box to increase the handle hole and other human description, so that when handling.


Material Selection: The selection of carton material is an important part of the intensity description, which not only affects the printing effect, but also affects the various physical functions of the corrugated box molding. Such as the size of the paper moisture content and carton strength between the close contact. Cartons with paper, to take into account different climate conditions. Export carton in the distribution of paper, paper material necessary to have a higher physical function. It is also necessary for the cardboard produced together to meet the rules on the physical functions of crushing, pressing and bonding.


Cartons, cartons loved one of the important reasons is its green advantages. Ink, additives, polishing agent and other supplies, cardboard or cardboard recycling itself, waste disposal is necessary to meet the environmental needs. As a food, medicine or children's toy packaging, is not in line with the needs of clean, healthy and safe, the wrong note worth noting. Of course, as the export of goods packaging, but also to consider the relevant laws and regulations of destination countries.


Standard: In describing the standard corrugated box, in addition to the reasonable set according to the contents of corrugated box length, width, height ratio exception, should also consider the combination of different container type, in order to make full use of the container space to avoid the goods in the shipping process Space in the waste, but also conducive to the safe delivery of goods.


Print skills doubt: describe the work should also consider the difference between different print skills. Commonly used in the domestic printing method of corrugated cardboard offset printing, flexo, gravure and so on. Changes to the print method directly affect other skills, and even the printed material should be changed. For example, the choice of coated white paper, flexible printing with water-based ink is very hard to print. Skill programs can be considered broadly based on features of the print method and descriptions of other aspects. Such as the use of carton cartons popular flexo skills, we must pay attention to layout questions.


Flexography in the description of thin lines, small text and images with outlets, not with a large full-scale layout of the field in a layout. Full version of the field because of the need for greater printing pressure, the simple text and images appear distorted, blurred print goods, there is broken, the font stroke falls, network throw away and other quality problems, and will speed up wear or crushed plate . If you have to describe in a plate, then the full version of the field and slim graphic can not use the same exposure time exposure, the need for extended exposure time to advance the fine print at the printing plate hardness and resistance to force.


Carton printing generally have more color version, the imposition of the plate can not be too fragmented, the best printing in Shanghai is the same color plate made of a whole. On the inevitable version of small and small paste paste carefully, or in the production process will be slim and fine paste paste is not robust, in the process of printing constitute damage and throw away. In addition to the small or fine images, text type plate paste, maintain, replace, do not pull hard to prevent harm and tear.


To defeat the cardboard surface is not flat, rough and other defects, the need to plate to wear, impact resistance, moderate hardness, pressure after the rebound, ink evenly, the thickness together. Should be based on images, text, the size of the line and the use of corrugated board materials, the flexo version of the page description, hardness requirements, manufacturing methods to make the appropriate changes. Corrugated cardboard in the poor quality and print full version of the real color, the choice of thicker and softer version of the soft; corrugated board of good quality, and print fine images, small print, network version, the choice of high hardness, thin thickness of the soft Printed resin version.


Corrugated cardboard surface if the uneven, warping, the print surface powder, nap, sand paper and other questions, will form a paste version, crush, wear or damage flexo resin version, shorten the use of plate life. Therefore, the production process of corrugated cardboard should be strictly controlled the quality of the original paper.


Decorative description


Carton products, the external decorative role in the promotion of goods play an increasingly important role, it can be said that the excellent packaging description is to create the driving force to enhance the brand image of an important part. Decorative description is the visual description of the package content, refers to the surface description of the package, including the specific choice of color, graphics, text, trademarks and bar code brands, arrived at the purpose of beautification, promotion of goods. On the sale of the description of carton packaging, should follow the principles of dazzling, know, favor.


Dazzling: refers to the packaging should be new and special appearance, gorgeous dazzling colors, beautiful and sophisticated images combined to enable consumers to see the onset of intense preferences.


Packaging decoration color description, attached to the graphics, text and texture, not only beautiful, generous, to meet our perfect needs, and should be highly harmonious with the human mind. The beauty of color is one of the simplest feelings of the people. It is the first element of choice for sale. The internship for a long time proves that the colors of red, blue, white and black are the four major colors for sale, which can cause the consumers' good feelings and preferences as the selling colors. The image should be combined with the color to foil the product, fully revealing the characteristics of the brand name, allowing the consumer to immediately identify the product from the image of the trademark and the entire package.


In the decorative description of the carton packaging, the writer should give full consideration to the abstract expression of different colors so that the color can reflect the characteristics of the goods very well, arouse the hope of consumers to purchase, to meet the needs of different shopping mall policy level . Should pay attention to the distribution of warm and cold colors, color harmony, contrast, cut and other questions, the end to reconcile the entire package. In short, note the color of the carton packaging decoration description, the rational use of color theory of mind theory, reflecting the characteristics of packaging products.


Special appearance mainly through the shaped plan to reflect, which need to go through the description of the functional planning (such as handle, hand hole or vents, automatic folding cartons, etc.), planning features (such as cut corners, hollow, feet, etc. ) And exterior planning (such as non-cylindrical, nonplanar planning) and other special plans to come to an end, so that they talented to meet packaging style complex, beautiful appearance, beautiful layout, method changes and diverse, to attract the eye of the consumer.


Know: refers to the package to truly convey the image of the product, so that consumers through the packaging equipment accurately know the goods. About carton, carton packaging, you can open the window in the packaging container shows the contents of the manufacture of product graphics, print product photos, concise text description and other methods to transfer the contents of the information. Accurately convey the product information also need packaging level and the level of goods to cover up or exaggerate the quality of goods, functions and so on are lost packaging.


Goodwill: refers to the shape of the package, color, image, material to make our favorite emotions. The good feeling comes from two aspects, the first is the useful aspect, that is, the packaging can meet the needs of consumers in all aspects and provide convenient lunch. Feelings also come directly from the package's appearance, color, image, material feel, which is a generalized mind-set effect, with close contact with themselves and their environment. For example, women and men love different colors, different nationalities have different favorite colors. The description should be color and emotion, customs, situations combine.


After examination


Descriptive staff to the end of the drawing submitted to the proofing staff, you need to carefully examine the description of the goods. Conditions permitting, the description of staff should be directly involved in proofing, talented timely description of the goods to be improved, especially in terms of improvement is particularly important. Sample play back, Shanghai printing but also after the finalization and approval. On the delivery of packaging, the need to do the relevant dynamic test to check its strength is not in line with needs. On the sale of packaging, the external decoration of goods should also be detailed inquiry. The first few meters away, look at the characteristics of the package is not obvious, its color distribution is not reasonable. After close look, look at the packaging brand name is not obvious, the color is not concise, see critical information is not passed understanding. Then from the details on the query to see if there is a gap and doubt.


Color box color box description of the work, each aspect has its primary content, but also contact each other. Good description of the artist not only have a flat description of the concept and must know the whole process of product packaging, product features, container planning and other aspects related to the success of the sale of goods to be fully grasp the description of the goods, there Necessary for customers, shopping malls accept and agree. This requires description personnel not only need to master the theoretical knowledge of the buffer packaging description, but also the company's entire production skills, especially the production of cardboard boxes have to know, in addition to the necessary aesthetic and cultural accomplishments. Only in all aspects of thoughtful thought, using scientific description methods to teach internships, talent to obtain high-quality goods.

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