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How to Improve Accuracy Analysis of Round Compression Molding Process
Jan 23, 2018

Molding process is divided into: die-cutting design drawings cutting woodcut installation knife, line paste sponge proofing drum die-cutting and other operations.


At present, there are two kinds of die cutting and slotting, die-cutting which also includes flat-die cutting, round die-cutting and circular die-cutting three. In terms of accuracy, several forming methods from high to low are: flat die cutting, flat die cutting, round die cutting, slotting. From the processing speed point of view, from high to low order: slotting, round die cutting, round die cutting, flat die cutting. Each carton has different requirements, in the choice of corrugated box molding, should be based on different types of carton products and requirements, select the appropriate molding.


Round die cutting die cutting machine


Molded version of round pressure round technology using curved wood, drum knife production, production, the continuous rotation of the mold roller, high production efficiency, product die cutting accuracy can be controlled at ± 1mm, at the same time with the equipment is simple, safe and reliable, equipment use time Long, etc., but the overall cost of investment is larger.


Because it is in the knife mode while the corrugated cardboard die-cutting, mold cutting knife on the higher strength, the difficulty of making die and cost, suitable for large volume production and processing. Is divided into hard cut method and soft cut method two, the main difference is that the material of a pressure roller is a hard steel roller, a soft plastic. Hard cut refers to die-cutting die cutter and pressure roller surface hard contact, so die cutter easier to wear, roll edge. Soft-cut method is in the pressure roller surface covered with a layer of engineering plastics, die-cutting, the cutter can have a certain amount of cut, so as to protect the cutter, but also to ensure complete cut off, but the need to regularly replace the plastic layer, or Because of the inconsistent line speed die size is not accurate.


The die-cutting accuracy with the accuracy of machinery manufacturing and supporting materials, has reached the vast majority of carton users can accept. At present, more and more manufacturers have adopted this processing method. However, during the process, some problems such as "inaccurate die cutting indentation", "cutting edge fluff" and "burst line" appeared, which affected the using effect of the rotary die cutting machine. This article only affects some of the problems of molding precision to do an analysis.


Die cutter mold making machine


High-quality die-cutting process and die-cutting blades, indentation wire and other related die-cutting material with the knife mold production are inextricably linked.


This requires not only good blades and sponges, but also high demands on the quality, shape and die-cut version of the arc plate.


Design and drafting


The production of die-cutting version of the first to clear the user's real requirements, such as trimming, indentation and other box-type design, pressure, ventilation and handling requirements such as the use of packaging products according to the characteristics and packaging weight, size to determine Design box and die layout and constantly revised. When designing the box type, use the seven carton types identified in the International Carton Rules as much as possible.


After determining the type of carton, draw the die-cut layout, should be GB12986-91 "Carton Drawing" standard carton, carton drawings, painting and size Note to draw. Must ensure that the layout of the size of the accurate, standardized, the use of uniform specifications of the drawings, writing clear and tidy, graphics available for manufacturing based on the selection and structure of the expansion plans, there are extraordinary requirements to draw a three-dimensional map to illustrate. Drawing die-cutting layout is the first key link in the production of die-cutting, the use of computer proofing machine design drawings more accurate, it can effectively guarantee the size of the die-cut version.


Template making


First of all, to use a good quality die-cutting plate, its hard texture, not easy to deformation, pressure resistance, the surface to be waterproof barrier and polished, adhesive green glue, no cracking, no Alice, with high precision Thickness tolerance and surface curvature. The thickness of the die-cutting version is generally 12 ~ 18mm, die-cutting a single corrugated version can choose thicker, double corrugated optional thinner.


Die-cutting mode cutting sawing and laser cutting are two, sawing is the current small and medium enterprises corrugated cardboard processing their own die-cutting version of the main method, in recent years, laser cutting began to be widely used, the way in the computer-controlled laser Cutting machine to laser as an energy source, cutting high precision. Either way requires the cutting line straight, cutting groove width equal to the installation of knives here, the thickness of the line. In order to ensure that the die-cutting version does not release the plate, do not loosen and fall off, and leave a number of "bridges" in proper positions. The length of the bridge is determined according to the size of the layout, and the length is generally 10 mm. Die-cutting machine


Press the cut knife, the line position pre-cut the steel knife and steel wire bending into the corresponding length and shape embedded in the cutting groove. After making and die-cutting product size error should be less than 0.5mm.


Die-making version according to the design provided by the die-cut layout, the steel knife and wire inserts into the template, to complete the die-cutting version of the production process. Knife, line inlay, to the sides of the steel knife paste elastic sponge strips, sponge strips should leave the mold on both sides of the knife at least 1mm distance, not close to the blade installation, or sponge strips can not be compressed after the Blades expand in direction, while pulling the paper to both sides produce fracture. Sponge tape should be slightly higher than the blade about 1.2mm. Should be based on different die-cutting speed and product selection of different hardness, size and shape and sponge.


Die-cutting accuracy of the guarantee


Carton drum cutting is in the upper and lower drum outside the cutting point around the point of contact, the contact surface is very small, the pressure on the cylinder knife and pad is very large. In order to ensure the accuracy of corrugated drum roller die, to achieve the following points. Die-cutting machine


Equipment selection


Accuracy and efficiency is a measure of the pressure die-cutting machine an important indicator of die-cutting indentation inaccurate position, mainly due to equipment performance levels and manufacturing accuracy caused by, of course, there are operations and the previous process of processing error accumulation and related facilities Material selection and other factors.


Domestic first-generation circular die-cutting machine's feeding system is the "manual feed of the chain", die-cutting accuracy is generally 3-5mm, can only adapt to die-cutting products with lower accuracy. The second generation of semi-automatic die-cutting machine, the general use of "push plate reciprocating" feeding, manufacturing equipment of a high level of precision die-cutting precision should be controlled at ± 1mm, but there are many products, "incision hairy" problem. Domestic third-generation automatic round die-cutting machine, control technology and equipment have greatly improved the accuracy, die-cutting accuracy can be controlled at ± 0.5mm, to meet the requirements of high-precision cartons. Some of the devices feature "leading edge feed" technology that improves feed accuracy and speed, electric floor heating, and expands the range of applications to meet the requirements of "flip board" and "slim cardboard" "bent cardboard".


Currently used in the domestic round die-cutting machine mainly in Taiwan, Europe and the United States and domestic equipment, equipment selection in the quality, price and service to find a balance between the three, pay attention to the configuration of the machine, especially the bottom of the cylinder automatically repair cushion Device and line speed automatic compensation device, as well as the next cylinder pneumatic control lifting device, these configurations are not available to every mechanical manufacturer, procurement should be repeated. While inspecting the machine, we must make necessary understanding to the after-sales service system of the machinery manufacturer. A good after-sales service system is an effective factor to ensure the normal use of the machine by the using unit, and is also an effective way to reduce the production cost and improve the work efficiency.

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