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How to increase corrugated paper box bearing pressure and compressive strength?
Jan 23, 2018

At present, most of China's packaging companies use color box production process is two kinds of processes: (1) first printed color paper, after the film or polishing, and then manually mounted plastic or mechanical automatic bonding corrugated molding; (2) Color graphics printed on the plastic film, and then covered on a hundred cardboard, and then mounted molding.


No matter what kind of technology to produce color box color box, its bearing pressure and compressive strength are much lower than the same material of ordinary watermark carton (cardboard line production), customers encounter the urgent need or rainy days it is difficult to ensure quality, this problem Deeply troubled by the producers, then how to solve it?


We all know that: cardboard line production of cardboard boxes through the glue, heating the moment bonding, drying after the molding; and mounted color box cardboard box is not heated drying glue in the water to penetrate into the paper inside, Coupled with the color surface of the varnish and plastic film barrier, box of moisture within a long time not to be distributed, naturally softened to reduce the intensity. Therefore, we look for ways to solve the problem from the following factors:


paper with


Some companies there is such a misunderstanding: the greater the weight of paper inside can increase the bearing pressure and compressive strength of the carton, it is not. To enhance the color box color box bearing pressure, compressive strength must enhance the pressure-bearing capacity of the core paper, as long as the surface mount adhesive tape no significant traces of traces of paper should be used on low weight paper; core paper, the best use of paper Good force, ring crush high pulp or wood pulp paper. Do not use the strong, or Pu-sheng tile paper, mostly due to the mixture of pulp and recycled pulp, fast water absorption, ring crush strength is low, the toughness is good but the stiffness is low. After testing, using Boe-Determination of medium-strong paper than the pulp paper pulp water absorption high 15% -30%; paper can be properly increased weight. Practice has proved that reducing the weight of the paper inside to increase the paper, paperweight, whether it is from the quality or price more competitive advantage.


plastic quality


Carton production is now mostly used homemade or purchased corn starch glue. Not only good quality corn gluing strength, but also enhance the pressure bearing cardboard, Ting force, etc., and the box is not easy to deformation. The advantages and disadvantages of corn starch glue and the production process, the environment, the quality of raw materials, mixing time are closely related. Corn starch quality requirements, the fineness of 98-100 mesh, ash content of not more than 0.1%; water content of 14.0%; acidity 20CC / 100g; sulfur dioxide 0.004%; smell normal; color white or slightly yellowish.


If the starch quality starch does not meet this standard, depending on the circumstances appropriate to reduce the water ratio. Temperature increases, the water ratio should be reduced accordingly, borax, caustic soda should be increased as appropriate, hydrogen peroxide should reduce the amount. Cooked good system should not be put after a long time, especially in summer with the best to do with the use, glue added formaldehyde 3% -4%, glycerol, boric acid each 0.1%, can increase the paper water blocking capacity, speed up the bonding speed, enhance the cardboard hardness.


In addition, in the mounting of cardboard can also use environmentally friendly chemical glue, PVA adhesives. It is characterized by laminating corrugated board, straight, good adhesion, durable deformation, the production method is (with 100kg binder for example): Materials ratio: polyvinyl alcohol 13.7kg, polyvinyl acetate emulsion 2.74 kg, oxalic acid 1.37 kg, water 82 kg, water ratio 1: 6). First, the water is heated to 90 ° C, add polyethylene glycol stir, continue to heat until the water boiling, heat 3 hours, then add oxalic acid stirring, finally adding acetic acid polyvinyl alcohol emulsion Stir Serve.


glue amount


Whether manual or automatic machine mounted color surface, the amount of glue should not be too large. In actual production, some employees in order to avoid degumming artificially increase the amount of glue, which is inadequate, we must strictly control. The amount of glue should be 80-110g / m2 is better. However, as the regulation of corrugated size, grasp the amount of glue evenly coated peak is appropriate, as long as not degumming, the amount of plastic as possible.


quality of single-sided cardboard


The quality of single-sided corrugated board is determined by the quality of the original paper, corrugated flute, working temperature of the corrugator, adhesive quality, machine speed, the operator's technical level.


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