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Material Selection and Application Analysis of Printing Technology for Different Environmentally Friendly Paper Boxes
Jan 17, 2018

Packaging both play a role in protecting the contents, but also play a role in promoting product image and product information. Products need to be packaged, "packaging" is also an important part of the product. In the field of packaging, the wide range of applications, especially in food, tobacco, alcohol, medicine, cosmetics and living, is due to the light weight of packaging materials, high strength, mature technology of printing and postpress, and green packaging which can be recycled. Supplies and other industries a large number of applications, and more and more varieties, printing production more and more beautiful.


From the carton packaging materials, from corrugated paper to kraft paper, white paper, white cardboard, aluminum foil cardboard, aluminum foil cardboard, transfer laser cardboard, and then to the industrial cardboard, etc., in addition to the material selection According to the content of different materials, but also from the printing process, aesthetics, positioning and other aspects of a comprehensive consideration, from the appearance of goods packaging only reflect its unique cultural connotations, to give consumers a pleasing experience in order to obtain Better effect, so the choice of materials should take into account.


Most of the wine packaging are cartons, green carton packaging applications in the wine is also more mature, high-end wine boxes made of gift boxes more. To high-end gift boxes, for example, the paper is generally printed, finishing, processing and industrial cardboard sticky box molding, the use of 180-300g / m2 aluminum foil (laser) film cardboard, aluminum foil cardboard more, usually Combination of printing, commonly used for UV offset printing and screen printing portfolio, aluminum (laser) film cardboard by the mature UV offset printing process, both color solid thick layer and the printing level, UV offset after printing Plus silk screen printing unique decorative effects (such as wrinkles, snowflakes, refraction, crystal and other artistic effects to icing on the cake packaging) combination, after the stamping, embossing, die-plus-mounted adhesive stick box process.


Mid-grade wine packaging using the paper and high-grade wine packaging is basically the same, most of the aluminum (laser) film cardboard, aluminum foil cardboard, paper only in the quantitative increase (300-400g / m2), India After the general processing only mounted, embossing, die-cutting, sticky box process. More mid-range Jiuquan using screen printing, but also the use of a combination of printing methods, the same offset printing plus screen printing special ink decoration, the combination of printing more economical and environmentally friendly way.


If all screen printing, the following conditions.


1. At present, it is bound to use a volatile drying type screen printing ink, but domestic volatile drying type screen ink will generate a large amount of harmful gas during the natural solvent evaporation process, polluting the operating environment and, in severe cases, passing through the working environment Wind system can not be pumped in time, adverse to the health of operators. Such as the need to use screen printing method, the best choice for more UV ink to reduce volatile dry solvent-containing screen ink use.


2. All using screen printing method, the box surface ink layer thickness is no problem, the general use of 305-380 mesh high tension polyester mesh stretch screen printing effect is better, but the screen printing on the existence of fine overprint A certain degree of difficulty, especially with UV inks, the paper after a few times through the light curing machine there is a certain deformation.


At present, the screen printing of water-based ink in carton printing is not applied. Part of the problem may be due to ink development, does not meet the printing requirements of the wine box packaging, on the other hand, there is no strict requirement on the ink box packaging, so most of the screen printing companies do not consider the use of wine packaging. If the wine box packaging using screen printing water-based ink, not only to achieve more environmentally friendly wine box packaging, but also to completely improve the production operating environment and protect the health of workers. From the current price of ink, water-based ink cheaper than other inks, can reduce costs. Therefore, wine packaging, screen printing business should be through communication with customers, printing process, technology innovation and cooperation with the ink manufacturers, and actively promote the development of water-based ink.


Low grade wine packaging products generally use white offset printing, less demanding for equipment, printing process can only through the thick layer of ink, improve product quality, the printing process through the appropriate dust to achieve non-rub dirty, non-stick purpose , Whiteboard offset printing products generally require hot stamping, laminating, embossing, framed (or attached tile), die-cutting, paste box printing process.


In the procurement of materials, low-grade wine packaging paper are 250-350g / m2 lower prices of white paper, the ink can also be a lower price of ordinary offset ink, the effect can be used to choose different effects of aluminum to improve product quality, Currently on the market whiteboard offset printing wine packaging products through the coating process to protect the ink layer and waterproof, load-bearing. Glazing process in the wine box packaging (due to consideration of wine packaging and other factors) are not applied, the current pre-coating film or green film, although the operating environment has improved, but because of its difficult to degradation of the environment had a certain impact .


The remaining environmentally friendly carton packaging such as cigarette packs, pharmaceutical packaging applications are better, although the high-grade cigarette standard is still used with aluminum foil cardboard, but has not been degradable film, high-grade tobacco standard silver foil cardboard and can be used Degradation of the transfer of laser paper UV offset printing, single concave machine or screen finishing and other combinations of printing, although difficult in the printing process (high-end standard smoke is a fine product, printing imposition are even 15 or even 18 version of paper larger , Screen printing finishing process in particular, to do a good job of production process control, or have different degrees of deformation, after the process of embossing, die cutting and so increase the difficulty), complex (high-grade tobacco standard special decoration, holographic Hot stamping or hot stamping on the printing, indentation, embossing, die-cutting and other processes), the application of more materials, but more environmentally friendly in the production process, such as offset printing are UV coating or special UV Varnish effect Processing, screen printing are used UV special effects inks. High-grade tobacco standard requirements of high paper and ink, paper surface treatment must be matched with the ink, the ink used must meet the environmental requirements of cigarette packets but also to ensure that printing adaptability, the use of UV varnish to consider the smooth surface of cigarette packets , Ink wear resistance for high-speed cigarette packing machine, screen printing UV-type finishing ink to ensure a solid adhesion, printing after drying thoroughly, indentation and cutting edge of the ink does not fall off, etc., before mass production, it is best to First test, meet the requirements before mass production. Other cigarettes using coated paper, white cardboard gravure printing, the same paper, ink higher.


Drug packaging commonly used gray-white, white cardboard offset printing, after printing the vast majority of only glazing, polishing, pharmaceutical packaging than wine packaging to be more sophisticated, compared to the standard cigarette, printing, printing process than Simple, most printing only four-color ordinary offset printing can be completed, after printing needs polishing, polishing and other processes. Process must pay attention to the preparation (must take into account the entire process of control, depending on the size of the product size to take into account the most economical use of paper, the process of preparation can not be ignored, put an end to polishing, high temperature polishing, paper deformation, die cutting each overprinting Good or found a few inconsistencies or a product lid at the box pattern and the pattern of misalignment and other issues). Pharmaceutical packaging materials in the paper quality index requirements higher.


Cartons in some other daily necessities, cosmetic packaging applications and pharmaceutical packaging is basically the same, but part of the cosmetic packaging need to use special paper, special paper, there are some special paper, such as copper cotton paper, Ink absorption, adhesion is different, special paper on the use of the printing methods also have different requirements (some of the paper can not be printed, etc.), whether it is in the printing or finishing should be done before the full test to ensure that Mass production of print quality and quality requirements after the production process. In the purchase of specialty paper production of packaging, should be fully considered from the above.


Carton packaging in the field of packaging is particularly wide range of applications, according to different packaging purposes, positioning, different printing production process selected materials are different. In the procurement of materials should also be based on the design of different decorative effects and printing production process to choose environmentally friendly materials.


In short, carton packaging than other packages, the economy and beauty, to maximize the inherent product; environmental protection, carton packaging can be recycled again. As a carton packaging and printing business, carton packaging is more green than other packaging, but in the following areas need attention and further improvement.


(1) Over-packing problems, especially high-end products (such as high-grade wines, upscale and nourishing drugs, etc.) should start from the source and start with packaging design and development with simple structure and material reduction to avoid over-packing.


(2) From the printing companies, active and proactive use of environmentally friendly inks to promote the healthy development of environmentally friendly inks.


(3) For carton packaging, there is still a considerable amount of aluminum on the surface of paper products or the need to cover the process with the protection of the waste, there are still waste for a long time difficult to degrade (even biodegradable plastic, There are still some recycling issues), printing enterprises should work through technological innovation, as far as possible without the use of transfer paper printing or UV coating with UV protection, remove the coating process, the real green cartons.

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