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Packaging and printing companies how to do a good job of color management
Dec 16, 2017

The purpose of color management is to achieve what you see is what you get. To really achieve the printing process of color management, you can pay attention to the following four aspects:


The first is the calibration, in order to make the equipment in a normal working condition, the normal fluctuation range, the first calibration, that is, to establish a regular approval system;


The second is the characterization, is to print a standard version of the standard print, the standard version of the printing is not printed by the printing house, and must be under the guidance of experts to print, printed version of the time to maintain about density and up and down Consistent density. So for the first time to use the standard version to print, after printing the printed matter to see where the problem occurs, make compensation, repeat printing duplicate compensation, there is a very important point is that we must do the test. After the standard printing, you can introduce the characterization, and generate ICC files, that is, color management files. In addition, industry experts can also make some adjustments to the standard version to make it more standards. As the computer only recognize the data, so the measurement of the instrument is particularly important. Therefore, the final standard version if it is normal, then the data is right;


The third is the conversion, print the target Aspect has a certain tendency, and some people see, which need to meet the human eye a conversion mode, in some places to make relative results, such as the human eye to pay attention to the place Good, do not pay attention to what can be done relatively less; some visual effects must be absolute, such as maps, green represents the forest, and the other green represents the other landscape, which requires absolute effect. In addition there is saturation, such as to print a LOGO on the packaging, then the saturation must choose the right.


The fourth is to check, be sure to check, optimize, find the problem needs to find in time.

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