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Printed materials carton base paper classification profile
Dec 28, 2017

1: corrugated paper

National standards are divided into A level, B level, C level, D level four. D-class corrugated basic market out, very few manufacturers to buy to use.


2: cardboard


a: Kraft paper (card, card). Features: long fiber, heavy glue, high physical strength, cardboard coarse; pure wood pulp or a small amount of OCC. Referred to as: imported cattle card.


b: imitation leather cardboard. Features: Surface hanging 15-25% wood pulp, the rest is OCC; fiber is shorter, the strength is worse than the cow cardboard. Paper surface formation, different degrees of sizing (water absorption ranging from 30-55g / m2), the surface dyeing treatment. Referred to as: domestic cattle card.


c: white cardboard. White cow bottom cattle, the surface of bleached pulp, the rest is natural or stained wood pulp. (White, Swedish white, Finnish white card); white board paper (surface bleached wood pulp, the rest is deinked or non-deinking waste paper); coated white paper (white and white).


d: Recycled paper. All are OCC but different from corrugated paper. The surface is more than # 11 AOCC noodles and after dyeing). The market is generally called C-class cardboard, some called T paper.

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