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Types and characteristics of carton plates
Dec 29, 2017

Carton plate sub-metal and non-metallic two categories, commonly used technology mainly involves gravure, flexo printing and offset printing 3, due to the different characteristics of the printing plate, the printing effect, the production costs are also different.


Gravure version of the characteristics


Gravure printing ink products thick, uniform, rich print level, strong texture, ink drying speed, in addition, also has a printing speed, printing ink color and quality is relatively stable, not easy to produce printing color and printing capacity of the advantages of high resistance, If used for special volume printed electronics, medicine, food and cigarettes and other packaging products, can better reduce production costs.


PS version of the features


PS version is currently the main printed version of the pre-printed carton, the plate art is simple, fast, plate-loading operation is very convenient, can print the field, lines, but also fine print anilox version, and the printing effect is good, the printing price Relatively cheaper, widely used in printed cartons and cartons and other packaging products.


Rubber plate characteristics


Rubber printing plate is a flexographic printing art commonly used plate, the material is soft, widely used in the direct printing of corrugated cardboard. In the use of rubber plate, we should pay attention to its printability, such as the ink from the ink affinity, ink transfer, coverage and reproducibility considerations. Use water-based ink printing, with natural rubber printing plate is better than the synthetic rubber printing plate; butyl rubber printing plate is more suitable for the use of solvent-based ink; nitrile rubber printing plate should try to avoid the use of solvent-based inks to prevent printing plate was Solvent corrosion damage. Rubber printing plate can print rough surface of the substrate, but also in the hard texture of materials for printing, and has high resistance to print. However, it is not easy to print high-precision products because of its drawbacks of easily deforming.


Photoresist version of the characteristics


Photosensitive resin version of a liquid and solid two kinds, of which the liquid photosensitive resin version is in the molding device, the liquid photosensitive resin according to the required thickness of the plate. The utility model has the characteristics of not polluting the environment, low cost and high production efficiency, and is suitable for the monochromatic printing products mainly based on characters and lines and the printed products with low quality requirements. The solid resin version is by the printing plate factory pre-photosensitive resin coating on the thin metal plate or polyester film and other substrates, made of uniform thickness of the plate. The printing plate tolerance is better, to reproduce the finer high-light dot level, the telescopic rate than the rubber plate and liquid photosensitive resin version is much smaller, so it is more suitable for making anilox version and line version. However, the solid photosensitive resin version of the more expensive, relatively high cost of production, it is more suitable for printing large quantities of packaging products.



Carton plate reasonable purchase


For carton printing companies, printing plate resistance to printing, printing quality and price are related to the carton printing quality and production costs an important factor. So, how to take full account of these factors to make a reasonable purchase, Carton printing enterprise procurement management is facing an important issue. Now on the market characteristics of various plates, quality and price there are some differences. The production of various types of printing plate manufacturers due to differences in production conditions, technology, etc., resulting in differences in plate quality. Therefore, the purchase should pay attention to the control in this trial, the use of various manufacturers of plates, should make a good record of production, such as the characteristics of India, the use of the machine model, printing plate manufacturers, printing and printing Quality status, etc. carefully recorded in order to different manufacturers plate characteristics and the use of effects such as analysis and summary, in order to accurately evaluate and choose a plate to lay a reliable foundation. In addition, but also pay attention to the characteristics of the product and the conditions of the printing plant, select the appropriate art for printing. Because gravure, flexo printing and offset printing of these three kinds of arts can print carton products, but the printing quality, production costs and so different.


Therefore, we must take into account the characteristics of the product, quantity and other factors to consider, choose the right printing plate for printing, in order to make the product quality and production costs have been better balanced. In general, all have a gravure, flexo printing and offset printing of these three kinds of art medium and large packaging printing plant, on the large amount of printing, large area, print color and print quality requirements and a relatively rigid layout of the carton products. Optional gravure version for printing; Direct printed on corrugated cardboard products, printing rough surface material, the layout is simple, local text or patterns need to be changed frequently or need to reprint a number of products, optional rubber printing ; Printed anilox version, line version, small area, each time the number of prints in 30,000 or so, often reprints of printed products and local pages often change the surface of the paper, optional resin printing; fine print products, Graphic printing area and a large area of each batch of indefinite paper products, can be used PS version of the printing, it will help ensure the printing quality, but also better economic efficiency.

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