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Consideration Of Packaging Structure Design Of Gift Box
Jul 04, 2017

Gift Packaging In addition to the protection of goods, transmission of goods information, marketing goods and other basic packaging functions, but also to enhance the grade of goods and added value. For the packaging printing enterprises, how to make the customer satisfied with the product?

Structural design directly determines whether the packaging is durable, but also related to the packaging of manufacturing, processing technology and economic costs. According to the experience of Fons packaging, the following questions need to be considered when designing the packaging of gift boxes:

(1) The level of the positioning of goods, mainly involved in packaging design and material selection, in the same grade of commodity packaging, should ensure that the choice of materials the most economical, and green environmental protection;

(2) The characteristics of the commodity and accessories, mainly related to packaging of box-type design and liner selection;

(3) Meet the basic requirements of packaging;

(4) The corresponding packaging test, to ensure that the packaging has a certain strength, enough to protect the goods inside;

(5) The packaging to meet the mechanization or semi mechanized production.