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Creative And Environmental Protection Of Product Packaging
Jul 04, 2017

As an effective channel to convey commodity information to consumers, commodity packaging has been paid more and more attention by enterprises. However, when the dazzling variety of goods on the supermarket shelves, to the consumer to sell their own, how to make the packaging of goods to convey more information, to consumers to create more visual attraction, has become a common problem faced by enterprises, and creative packaging has become the first choice of enterprises.

Creative packaging can not only achieve the function of attracting the eye of consumers, but also convey the idea of the product and produce the effect of brand recognition, and become a three-dimensional and pluralistic system structure. Fons Packaging said, "Consumers in the purchase of a of goods will often produce brand recognition, which is why many people will buy fixed brand products." Once consumers encounter the brand of goods will create a sense of intimacy and identity, and this feeling tends to shorten the consumer's decision-making time in the purchase of goods, resulting in rapid purchase decisions. Creative packaging because of its uniqueness, uniqueness, often can accelerate and deepen the formation of this identity.

A food company in Britain has introduced a caviar products, and consumers are not very aware of it because it is a new company. So the food company innovative use of green packaging, natural green plants as the main product packaging patterns, and played a "return to nature, natural health" advertising language, making the product in many similar products quickly stand out, and achieved good sales performance. But it's not over yet, and the sale of caviar products has made sales of other products of the company a big boost. "Because consumers have already produced brand recognition for the company, the creative packaging of the goods has undoubtedly become a catalyst for brand recognition." ”

Material is an important part of packaging design, directly related to the overall function of commodity packaging and economic costs, production and processing methods and packaging waste recycling treatment and other problems. and commodity packaging as a direct derivative of goods, often in the consumer to open the goods or after the use of goods become garbage. Therefore, it is very important for the packaging of goods to be environmentally friendly.