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Packaging New Revolution! China's First Landa Nano-image Digital Press Is Coming Soon!
Oct 30, 2017

Drupa 2012, Landa was born with a nano-printing concept machine, and a show to the global print people surging, rush; four years later Drupa 2016, Landa once again attracted the attention of the world, with a new Show Hi , The Landa S10 sheetfed presses for folding cartons and POPs, Landa S10P double-sided presses for commercial printing, and Landa W10 web presses for flexible packaging and cardboard , As well as subversive Nano-metallography? Nano metallographic metal sputtering technology.


Speaking of the Drupa 2016 on the Landa Show, that extraordinary imagination and Mr. Benny Lanta very appealing speech Xiao Bian so impressed, whether you see did not read, once again offer Xiaobian endless miles To the scene of the event!


After a whole year, Landa nano-printing has a new trend, first officially announced the list of customers in 2017 test (respectively, Israel's packaging and label processors Graphica Bezalel, North America's large-scale sales outlets and store identification provider Imagine! And Edelmann, Germany's cardboard and paper packaging solutions provider), which marks the world's first Landa S10 nano-image digital printing equipment will be fully operational; and then a month ago during the China Print 2017, Landa in China's equipment testing program Also gradually surfaced.


Landa S10 2017 Test customers


In the end which is the Chinese printing enterprises have such a big skill, and ultimately into Landa's "law eye"? The specific name we still do not know; Landa recently in China and around the world to carry out a lot of specific work, then behind this, Landa itself in the end experienced any changes? Has attracted the attention of the industry, Landa will give us what kind of surprise? In order to unravel the answers to these questions, Mr. Michael Mogridge, General Manager and Sales Director, Landa Digital Printing Asia, recently interviewed the video, and believed that through a video interview on the following questions, whether you were previously aware of Landa Of the spectators, or has been closely concerned about Landa, concerned about the nano-printing technology industry colleagues, will have a deeper understanding of her.