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The World's First Two Color Beer Packaging Baked!
Sep 28, 2017

Molson's Coors light beer Coors Light launched a package according to the temperature and light color. In the most suitable for drinking temperature, the canned blue will appear; when consumers put the bottle in the sun, on the packaging of yellow, orange and red will appear. It describes itself as "the world's first beer can be activated by sunlight".
This package uses a temperature sensing technology and light ink. Activated by UV orange and yellow ink is not representative of beer too warm. Coors light beer marketing manager Garrick Frittelli is the lower the temperature, the color is more bright.
This series of limited edition beer there are 6 kinds of pattern design. 355 ml and 473 ml of two kinds of beer will be available in the Canadian market, "hope that Canadians can go outdoors to drink", Molson Coors said.
The marketing manager Garrick Frittelli said: "our market research showed that the first driving force of the consumer purchase intention is" packaging Chutiao. ". This ink in a hitherto unknown way to bright colors of packaging."
Thanks to the implementation of the American company called Chromatic Technologies this technology, Inc (hereinafter referred to as CTI) of the company. It is currently the world's largest color ink manufacturer in packaging materials for ink and color changes according to temperature or light. It also includes the technology of fluorescent ink, or have a part in the product packaging consumption / consumption after changing technology. The company also worked for Coca-Cola in Australia launched according to the temperature change of packing.

About CTI in 2001 began to seek cooperation and Coors also based in the American state of Colorado. Until 2009, Molson Coors began large-scale use of color packaging: at about 4.5 DEG C, beer on the packaging of the mountains turn with light blue iceberg. This package has brought great attention to Coors light beer. Even though the entire mass of the beer industry sales were flat, but the Coors light beer sales increased by 3%.
Also worth mentioning is that in 2007 about Coors ale positioning themselves as "ice beer". The core demands once made the Coors light beer in the growth trend than rivals Budweiser and Miller Lite more stable light beer. In fact, the "cold beer business" (most refreshing beer) brand image and ultimately allow consumers to buy a single in 2011 it is beyond Budweiser to become the United States sales behind Budweiser light beer second (sub) brand, market share of around 8.2%.
In many consumers turned to craft beer in taste, it is difficult to achieve differentiated marketing to highlight the characteristics of the popular beer may be more important. This is why Budweiser this year will launch "America" printed on the packaging of beer, unlike last year, it will be printed on the origin and local motto.